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Zhuzhou Chuangde Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd

      Zhuzhou Chuangde Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd located in Zhuzhou, Hunan, China . It mainly produces carbide saw tips, carbide roller ring, carbide disc cutter, cemented carbide rod, carbide stud hpgr,cutting tools ,wear parts etc.We have highly qualified, motivated and experienced employees who are providing synergies in our company which are necessary to create and guarantee high-quality and long-lasting solutions for our customers.
A comprehensive quality assurance system guarantees high-class standards of our products. Our production are exported to UK, European, Japan, Taiwan and South-east Asia etc.

      All varieties
All your special need of non-standard tungsten carbide parts can be tailored here by our most professional engineers. Provide comprehensive domestic and imported grades of different tungsten carbide products to meet the needs of different customers and different quality.
Good service
10 professional sales engineer to provide a full range of alloy selection of technical and sales support materials; Minimum quantity, flexibility to meet customers needs at different stages. Improve marketing and service network

Zhuzhou Chuangde Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd

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