Tungsten heavy alloy

Our high-density tungsten alloy products are mainly divided into two series : W-Ni-Fe(magnetic) and W-Ni-Cu(non magnetic ) . 

Tungsten alloy slugs are used for automibile and vehicle weight balance ,oil drilling machine counterweight ,helicopter weight,ship weight and tank counter weight .

Tungsten alloy rods are used for counter weight,radiation shieldings ,military industry,dart rod,welding rod,mould etc.

Tungsten alloy blocks can be made into weapon parts,molds,and counter weights,also widely used in the mecial field,such as shielding wall,shielding block on the CT device .

Tungsten alloy balls are usde as golf counterweight,fishing pendant,military shots,shotgun cartridges,prefabricated fragments etc,also can be used in some other top precision fields,such as mobile phone vibrators,the pendulum for the clock and automatic watch balances,shockproof knife tools,flywheel weight etc .

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