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Cemented carbide industry of Hunan get into high-end field


Mix tungsten carbide and other metal to produce diamond carbide its hardness comparable, if diamond hardness at 100 points, then high hardness carbide can reach 94 points, with the old saying is "very sharp”. At present, Asia's largest cemented carbide production base is located in Zhuzhou Hunan, carbide cutting tools can make ordinary steel wire into a thinner than a human hair, thereby cutting mobile phones, computers and other electronic products electronic components inside. To an aircraft carrier, small to mobile phone shell, electronic components, metal material processing, cannot leave the carbide to open, in fact, cemented carbide and high hardness, strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, let it in military industry, aviation, machinery, metallurgy, oil drilling, mining tools, electronic communications, construction, etc.

 From apple 4 to 6, the jack and the glass screen production of mobile phones, many process are completed in foxconn and blue technology factory, and their cutting tool supplier is zhuzhou diamond cutting. Processing high-grade steel imports from the United States, it can be applied to aircraft engine and wing, so its strength and hardness is higher than ordinary steel, but using the newly developed nc blades, can be done at the same time in the past two times of working procedure, which is larger than that of the international similar product efficiency increase of 50%. Not only speed, the blade has achieved the international similar products of the highest precision of 0.05 microns. This kind of nc blades and cutting tools products require high machining accuracy, cutting tool on top of the market the most high-end, helped plant hard to become the nation's largest cemented carbide cutting tools of scientific research, production and sales base, is Dr, Volkswagen, Siemens and other international well-known company's suppliers.

In the first half of this year, the sales of overall tool and nc tool rose nearly 20%, "The market competition is brutal, if your product is better than others, price is lower than others, then your product will grab his market" the hard technical director of ZZT Shang Aimin said.

China's tungsten reserves accounted for two-thirds of global reserves, this advantages which the others can’t replace made zhuzhou in the first position field of cemented carbide in Asia. Before the 1990s, the ZZT has been proud of high output due to the advantages of raw material. However tungsten this precious resource should be used to produce higher value-added products, with the Chinese words "flowers shouldn’t inserted in cow dung". Under the stimulus of foreign experts kindly remind, the leader realized for the first time, the head of the plant output is not a measure of business success, but the higher value-added profit.

In 2014, the global sales of carbide is about ¥175,000,000,000. The three big industry champions of Sandvik of Sweden, , Iscar of Israel have decades of research and development experience, they completed respectively the sales income in 2014 is 63.8 billion yuan, 17.5 billion yuan and 10.2 billion yuan, their sales revenue accounted for half of global carbide. The one third of the business income of Sandvik and Kennametal was from pure tungsten carbide products, the other two-thirds was from using carbide extension of the new materials. The annual output of ZZT is 5000 tons in 2014, the first in the world, but operating income is only 5.98 billion yuan, the fifth in the world. "We belong to the second tier in the international, we must make a great efforts to develop " the general manager of ZZT Wu Guogen said .

   The low-end products are not only low profits, but also face fierce competition of more than two hundred private enterprises .Form 2000, the 4% of the yearly revenue of ZZT will be used for research and development of high-end new products, research and development center has become the national key laboratory, new product development in the direction of the market changes, from the high speed machining, automotive, aviation receive extended to IT, high-speed rail, rail transportation and other fields, and has set up several subsidiary specializing in the production of high-end products of Shenzhen jinzhou company, in the last three years, subsidiary profit group than for: 77.16%, 110.06%, 244.42%, in jinzhou production micro drill in shenzhen as an example, this kind of precision cutting tool products for IT industry, in the sales revenue of 670 million yuan last year, profits as high as 100 million yuan. Jinzhou company now has become the world's second largest tiny bit production enterprise, tiny bit can achieve the smallest diameter is one-third of a human hair, represents the top level of mechanical processing.

   China's cemented carbide production is about 28000 tons in 2014, sales income is 28 billion yuan. According to the date from Hunan government, the annual output value of  province include 41 advanced hard material enterprise is 10.724 billion yuan. There are a lot of space if Hunan transformation path of carbide turn to high-end market.

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