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Thinking way of supply chain should change

   The supply chain of countries, industries and enterprises should shift from global supply chain thinking to safe supply chain thinking. The epidemic is in a state of global successive outbreak, and the pattern of supply chain globalization has been broken. In a sense, China is likely to be the most affected because China's supply chain, the global manufacturing center, is based on the global foundation, and its product sales market is also based on the world market, which will soon import and export from China The actual trading volume of trade is reflected.


   In view of this, China must re design and position the supply chain pattern from the perspective of all-round supply chain of the country, industry and enterprise. It is necessary to shift from the global supply chain thinking to relying on the domestic and local security supply chain thinking, combined with the adaptability of the global supply chain, to establish a flexible supply chain system unique to China, which can adapt to both international and domestic markets.

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